The Games People Play--Aunt Sally

Aunt Sally --a team game played outside during the summer season

Many visitors who come to the United Kingdom from abroad are surprised by the variety of competitive games played in the pubs. Each area of the country has its own speciality, in some cases variation on a theme, such as the range of numbering schemes found on what is though of as a standard dart board, in other cases the games are unique to the area.

An unusual league game, to be found being played in Wokingham, is
Aunt Sally. This outdoor game of skill involves throwing a stick--of about fifteen inches long and an inch and a half in diameter - at a ' dolly' some three inches tall. To add elements of difficulty to this you stand what seems like an impossible distance from the 'dolly' and the throw is disallowed if you hit the supporting 'iron' before the 'dolly'. The photo (above) shows the basic idea of the game, though the player would normally be well out of the picture. If you are in Wokingham on a Wednesday evening in the summer, call in at the Queen's Head,  Metropolitan, Pheasant, Lord Raglan, Rifle Volunteer amongst others and ask for more information. You may even be invited to play for the league!!

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